Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Regular Lawn Maintenance – Summer & Winter Schedules
At The Grass Muncherz, we understand that lawn care is a year-round commitment. Our regular lawn maintenance service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your lawn throughout the changing seasons.

Summer Schedule: During the warmer months, our team ensures your lawn stays lush and green despite the heat. We provide regular mowing and edging, to keep your grass healthy and vibrant during the intense growing seasons. 

Winter Schedule: As temperatures drop, our winter lawn maintenance schedule sadly does to expect to see us a little less but will make sure your lawn is still looking its best year-round 

Once-Off Overgrown Clean-Ups
Is your lawn in need of a serious makeover? Our once-off overgrown clean-up service is perfect for those times when your yard has become too much to handle. Whether it’s due to seasonal growth spurts, a recent move, or just life getting in the way, our team will bring your lawn back to its best look.

Chemical Spraying
At The Grass Muncherz, we use top-quality, Australian-made products designed for our climate. Our services include:

All-Purpose Weed Kill: Eliminates common weeds like Bindii, Clover, and Dandelion. Suitable for various lawn type
Liquid Fertiliser: Boosts health and colour with a balanced NPK ratio and micronutrients. Instant results for all lawns.
Iron Protect: Enhances color and turf strength. Ideal for all Australian lawns.
Lawn Roots: Increases turf vigour and root growth with trace elements and seaweed kelp.
Colour Plus: Restores lawn colour instantly. Eco-friendly and reduces fertiliser and water needs.
Lawn Survive: Revitalises lawns with liquid fertilisers and wetting agents. Perfect for post-winter revival.
Lawn Wettner: Improves water penetration for drought resistance. Treats water-repellent soil.

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